St Mary Magdalene, Melchbourne

St Mary Magdalene is the parish church in Melchbourne, part of the Stodden Benefice in the Diocese of St Albans within the Church of England.  The Rector of Stodden is the Reverend Stephen Holroyd.  Our services follow a rotation with the other Stodden churches and are the responsibility of the Stodden Joint Parochial Council (JPCC).

Looking after the church and churchyard is the responsibility of the churchwardens and the Melchbourne Parochial Church Council (PCC).

Churchwardens                       William Tusting &  James Stewart                                              

Melchbourne PCC                    Stephen Holroyd (Priest-in-Charge)

                                               William Tusting (Churchwarden, Lay Chairman and JPCC representative)

                                               James Stewart (Churchwarden)

                                               Douglas Hansen-Luke (Fundraising)

                                               Martin Hudson (Treasurer)

                                               Andrew Moore (Electoral Roll Officer)

                                               Sarah Croft (Parish Safeguarding Officer, Secretary  and JPCC representative)

                                               David Mathewson                                           

Annual Meetings

We have an annual meeting of parishioners where all residents of the village may participate in electing the churchwardens. We also have an Annual Parochial Church Meeting which can be attended by those on the electoral roll.

Joining the Electoral Roll

The benefit of joining the roll is that you get a say in the way the church is run, primarily by being able to attend the annual parochial church meeting and vote. It may not sound that important, but it is a huge help for the Parochial Church Council (PCC) to know that they have support in the village whose interests they can then represent to the church authorities. Membership does not cost anything and there is no obligation to attend church; although we are very happy when you do (even if it is only occasionally).

If you are interested in joining the electoral roll please contact Andrew Moore.   You will need to complete this form, and hand it to him.

Friends of Melchbourne Church

We have am enthusiastic group of Friends who support us in maintaining the church building and churchyard.  You can find out more here

Formal Notices

2020 Report & Accounts             

Promoting a Safer Church

The care and protection of children, young people and adults involved in church activities is the responsibility of everyone who participates in the life of the church and is of the utmost of importance to us.  Please see our statement on promoting a safer church and information on what to do if you are concerned. Our parish Safeguarding Officer is Sarah Croft.

Links to important policy statements

Policy on safeguarding children           Policy on safeguarding vulnerable adults          Statement on domestic abuse                        

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